Monday, August 16, 2010

Philippine Dictator Ferdinand Marcos' Giant Bust-ed!

[Picture with caption: Reuters/Erik de Castro]

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An enormous concrete bust commissioned by the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos to immortalise himself has been blown up.

The hollow statue, which juts out of a mountainside in Benguet province, lost its eyes, nose and forehead in the blast, as well as a large chunk of its right cheek.

The identity of the perpetrators remains unclear. Suspects include left-wing activists, members of a local tribe - or possibly looters hunting for one of Marcos' legendary treasure troves.

The bust was built in the early 1980s when Mr Marcos was still in power, but fell into disrepair after he was overthrown in a popular revolt in 1986.

He died in exile three years later.

Marcos' Bust Timeline:

Shot in 1998

2002; after the explosion.



  1. grabe ah!! ala lng napadaan lng

    <3, lorz,noelz and gwenz

  2. Duwag tayong mga Pinoy. Magaling lang tayo pag patay na ang tao at di na makagalaw. Tingnan ninyo ngayon sa panahon natin, kung sino pa ang patay na, siya pa ang naunang idinidemanda ... DUWAG.