Monday, August 31, 2009

Anneliese Michel

Born September 21, 1952 in Klingenberg, Bavaria, Germany, Anneliese Michel was a devout Catholic worshipper who attempted to "atone for the wayward youth of the day and the apostate priests of the modern church" by sleeping on a bare floor in the middle of winter. At 16, Michel started hearing transcendental voices during her daily routine of prayers, in which she attributed to the diabolical forces, telling her she was damned along with visions of devilish hallucinations. By 1973, she was suffering from depression as displayed by her increasingly absurd behaviors: eating coal, licking her own urine and tearing her clothes off. She was then claimed to be possessed by demons.

Years after of being intolerant to sacred religious icons such as the crucifix and Holy images and unsuccessful medical interventions, Michel and her parents considered getting an exorcism. This was after an old woman who brought Michel to a pilgrimage declared that she was indeed possessed by evil and was corroborated by an exorcist who examined Michel in a nearby town as well. She was exorcised for about six months around 1976, the same time she was refusing any oral intakes. Throughout the course of exorcisms, Michel exposed the 6 different evils possessing her sanity: Lucifer, Cain, Judas Iscariot, Nero, Legion, and Belial.

July 1, 1976: Anneliese Michel died in her sleep.

Note: The movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose is loosely based on her true story.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Falling Man


9:41:15 A.M. September 11, 2001: In the middle of chaos over New York City, American photographer Richard Drew captured one disturbing shot of a man falling from the upper floors of the burning World Trade Center. The unidentified subject of the image was one of the desperate "jumpers" who apparently intended their deaths to the gravity rather than from searing burns and suffocation.

The title story by Tom Junod was published in the September 2003 issue of Esquire Magazine.

Oh, Lord?!
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El Colacho Festival

Since 1620, the Spanish locals of Castrillo de Murcia have been observing a dangerous practice that puts babies into the brink of fatality.

The annual festival of "Baby-Jumping Colacho", a part of Corpus Christi celebrations, lets "El Colacho", an incarnate representation of evil, jump over the innocent infants in an attempt to cleanse their souls of evil. All with full parental consent!

The origin of such event remains vague though.

Grown-ups have been acting childish. I see.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Are You Ready To Rapelay?

Once again, Japan is in the middle of our own 'little' attention! Sigh!

Rape + Video Game = Rapelay!

Japan's eccentricity towards maniacal sex fantasies has peaked another heights with this uncanny video game that depicts rape among women!
Rapelay, the subject of ridicule, allows its player's avatar to sexually assault girls inside the digital "foreplayground". Concerns from the Western politicians regarding the obscenity of the game traversed across Japan, enticing local leaders to pinpoint such craps as the cause of violent upheaval in Japan.

The Ethics Organization of Computer Services banned Rapelay and other rape-type games after controversies zoomed.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Road of Death

There's no doubting about this road's reputation as to why it was called as "The World's Most Dangerous Highway".

Bolivia's infamous North Yungas Road strips line the small villages of the Yungas region that keeps the transporters and passengers thrilled for what would maybe their last joyride. The harrowing 43-mile unrailed lane twists and turns above the steepy Bolivian valley. About 200-300 people were the estimated death toll each year! No wonder why it was called El Camino de la Muerta or as an English traveler would say "The Road of Death"!


Care for a bike ride?
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Alleged Secret Alien Facilities

[The Youtube documentary video you are about to see was uploaded to Wicto's channel but his account has been suspended.]

Aliens existence, underground bases and secret alien operations and facilities? Now see for yourself! Were heading for an extra terrestrial viewing!
Part 1

Part 2


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Vagina Dentata

The myth of the vagina dentata, or vagina with teeth, derives from primitive masculine dreads of the "mysteries" of women and sexual union. It evokes castration anxiety, whereby the man fears loss of the penis during intercourse, and more generally it relates to fears of weakness, impotence, or annihilation by incorporation (connected to unconscious notions of "returning to the womb").
  • Stories of the vagina dentata persist in aboriginal myths and legends (Egyptian, Indo-European, Greek, Native American, African), as well as in contemporary narratives, such as vulgar sexist jokes.
  • Sublimated expressions of this dread underlie stories of post-coital loss of strength, such as the biblical story of Samson and Delilah, or the deep social resonance of the recent (1993) Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt incident in America.
  • Many narratives of "hero vs. monster" also rely on the myth: for instance, Oedipus and the Sphinx, whose mythic structure underlies Benchley's novel, Jaws.
  • Some cultural surgical practices, such as clitoridectomies and other female genital mutilations (including modern episiotomies), also relate to the myth. These practices physically inscribe an assertion of masculine domination that implies a dread of feminine powers.
"The vagina dentata has proven a captivating image for many artists and writers, particularly among surrealist or psychoanalytic works. Although the myth is associated with the fear of castration, it is often falsely attributed to Sigmund Freud. Freud never mentions the term in any of his psychoanalytic work and it runs counter to his own ideas about castration. For Freud, the vagina signifies the fear of castration because the young (male) child assumes that women once had a penis that is now absent."
From a contemporary, feminist, psychoanalytic perspective, Elizabeth Grosz writes:
"The fantasy of the vagina dentata, of the non-human status of woman as android, vampire or animal, the identification of female sexuality as voracious, insatiable, enigmatic, invisible and unknowable, cold, calculating, instrumental, castrator/decapitator of the male, dissimulatress or fake, predatory, engulfing mother, preying on male weakness, are all consequences of the ways in which male orgasm has functioned as the measure and representative of all sexualities and all modes of erotic encounter."
Grosz, Elizabeth. "Animal Sex: Libido as Desire and Death," Sexy bodies: the strange carnalities of feminism]
Western Literary Allusions

Lear: Down from the waist they are Centaurs,
Though women all above;
But to the girdle do the gods inherit,
Beneath is all the fiends�: there�s hell, there�s darkness,
There is the sulphurous pit, burning, scalding,
Stench, consumption. Fie, fie, fie! pah, pah!
Give me an ounce of civet, good apothecary,
Sweeten my imagination.
Shakespeare, King Lear (1608)

Mandrake: Tell me Jack, when did you first develop this, this [theory of fluoridation]?
Ripper: Well, I first became aware of it, Mandrake, during the physical act of love. Yes, a, a profound sense of fatigue, a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily, I was able to interpret these feelings correctly: Loss of essence. Women sense my power and they seek the life-essence. I do not avoid women, Mandrake, but I do deny them my essence.

Stanley Kubrick & Terry Southern, Dr. Strangelove (1964)

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Latin: Pope John Paul II = 666?

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the
name of the beast, or the
number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." - Revelation 13:17-18

Pope John Paul II may be the most beloved Pope in the entire history of Papacy but it has been said as well that he has a fair share of anomalies of his own. He was apprehended to be leading an army of pedophile priests for 26 years in complete secrecy. Well, if that would be the case, then this might come off as a no-shocker but still cringe worthy.

Given with Pope John Paul II's name in Latin, we'll have Ioanes Pavlvs Secvndo. Now lets translate the name into its numeric value:
I = 1
O = 0
A = 0
N = 0
N = 0
E = 0
S = 0

P = 0
A = 0
V = 5
L = 50
V = 5
S = 0
TOTAL = 60

S = 0
E = 0
C = 100
V = 5
N = 0
D = 500
O = 0
TOTAL = 605



T o t a l
1 + 60 + 605 = 666
[ For more 666 annotations: ]
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Monday, August 10, 2009

The World's Youngest Mother

At the young age of 5 years, 7 months, 21 days, Lina Medina has been recorded as the youngest mother in the entire medical history.

Born September 27, 1933 in Paurange, Peru, Lina had her abdomen increased in size and was thought to have a tumor when she was only 5 y/o. Her parents brought her to hospital where she was determined to be carrying her first child for seven months! Dr. Gerardo Lozada took her to Lima to obtain medical opinions/confirmations about her pregnancy and on May 14, 1939, she gave birth to a baby boy via C-section.
Lina didnt spill some information about the father's identity nor the occurrences of her impregnation.

Her father was arrested on accusations of rape and incest, but was later released due to lack of evidence.
I suppose its an incest!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Japan's Used Schoolgirl Panties for Sale

What!? Yes you've heard it right!

Japanese traders just keep us giving all sorts of WTFuckery merchandises and all but wait there's more --- "Used Schoolgirl Panties" are up for SALE too! Through vending machines, used panties from Japanese schoolgirls are instantly out for grabs now, ranging from $50 - $100 apiece.

Unwashed undies that goes with the owner's photo prices higher!
In 1993, Japan outlawed the business and declared illegal.
The sniffing pedophiles must be so pissed off...
Not really since the exchange is now marketing underground!
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cory Aquino Died at 76


Philippines' 11th and Asia's 1st female president died at 76 last August 1, 2009 after losing battle to colon cancer.

Cory Aquino is the widow of the late Senator Ninoy Aquino who was assassinated in August 21, 1983. The assassination of the latter catapulted Cory to the politics, toppling the 20-year Marcos dictatorship through leading a bloodless 'People Power' revolution in 1986. She instantly became an "Icon of Democracy" and serves as an inspiration for other countries to revolt against autocratic authorities. In 6 years within the office, Cory crushed 7 coup attempts in sustaining the Philippine democracy.
A devout Catholic, loving mother and a loyal citizen, Madame Cory does stick true to her principles: “I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.”
"Aquino was hailed by many as a modern-day Joan of Arc."
"The 'people power' uprising Aquino led in 1986 brought down the repressive 20-year regime of Ferdinand Marcos and served as an inspiration to nonviolent resistance across the globe, including those that ended Communist rule in eastern Europe."
"Cory remained untainted by corruption up until her last days in office."
-Nelson, Long Beach USA
BBC News website reader
"Her courage, determination, and moral leadership are an inspiration to us all and exemplify the best in the Filipino nation. On behalf of the American people, the president extends his deepest condolences to the Aquino family and the nation of the Philippines."
-Barack Obama
The mere fact that all Filipinos are liberating their freedom right now is more than enough reason on why we should pay homage to her legacy.
Hands down to the Mother of Democracy in all of Asia!
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