Friday, November 27, 2009

SwissMiniGun: World’s Smallest Working Revolver

The SwissMiniGun, marketed as the world’s smallest working revolver, is only 2.16 inches long, barely the size of a key fob. Yet it can fire specially developed 2.34 calibre ammunition up to 367 feet, at over 275 miles per hour! Despite its harmless appearance, the weapon is no laughing matter.

The SwissMiniGun’s ammunition travels at 399 feet per second; the general threshold for perforating the skin is something traveling at 330 feet per second. Firing at someone’s chest at close range is equivalent to penetrating the body with a thin sharp object; enough to kill instantly if it penetrates the heart.

The SwissMiniGun sells for around US$6000, with an 18-carat gold diamond studded version going for close to US$60,000.

" just pull the trigger."


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