Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thailand's Neck Rings

Worn by the Kayan women of the Karen lineage in Thailand, the neck coils was used to signify the tribe's perception of beauty: an elongated neck.

The neck stretching starts during the early years of the Kayan girls, as young as 5 years, when they are introduced to their first neck ring. Eventually as they grew older, the number of rings around their necks gradually increases at a time, pushing the collar bones and ribs back down to create a longer neck illusion. An ordinary full-grown Kayan woman can carry as much as 20 lbs of metals extending 10"-15" long. Record holds a total 28 brass coils, a far cry from the average limit of 20. That explains why they owned the sobriquet "The Giraffe Women".

Another uncanny representation of beauty.

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