Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Help Philippines!

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Tropical depression "Ondoy" has left the entire epicenter of the Philippines submerged under water after days of heavy rainfalls. Floods has entirely ruled the streets of cities and other close neighboring provinces of Manila, causing havoc and massive destruction to the properties of our fellow Filipinos. Houses brought down. Cars flowed out. It was really a huge torrent of our Mother Nature's wrath!

In spite of the damages that was caused by the superstorm, Filipinos have once again showed the true spirit of bayanihan amidst national calamity. Outpouring support and compassion are seen from the untouched citizens. Even Hollywood stars (Alyssa Milano, Josh Groban, Demi Moore) vented out their concerns for the Filipino survivors via Twitter.

The natural watery distraught was not the matter of consequence, but the cataclysm of the major transition.

Let us help them rebuild their lives by imparting a share of our blessings to these needy people.

- SYDNEY - you can deliver relief goods to 303/5 Stromboli Strait,
Homebush Bay 2127. you can also contact through twitter at @allorange if you want to arrange for a pick up in the city

- MELBOURNE - if you are in the Melbourne
CBD area, you can drop relief goods through Coco Quizon’s residence @ 8 Vale St., North Melbourne. You can contact 0458603723 for donations of goods or pledges.


- from @
SayChiz, they can contact Shiera Catalan at +32485328811 if they want to donate goods for typhoon relief


pinoys are spearheading efforts to help, visit
this website for details.

- WINNIPEG - the Philippine Community Centre of Manitoba here in Winnipeg Canada started to raise money for the victims today


- QATAR - you may contact Mr.
Delfin Montenegro/Ms.Chat-5203417 for donations/relief goods

UAE - please get in touch with Pres. Jo, 050-7456452, josepha@perceptgulffz.com for Lingap Kapwa-Ondoy victims. And you can also call Arnold of LBC for free LBC box 0508589065 via UP Alumni Asso.

- DUBAI - you can send clothes and relief goods
this website.


dropoff for relief goods is @ airfreight lucky plaza #03-09. can call 62351011, they are open up to 7pm.

pinoys are mobilizing and gathering donations, visit
this forum for more details.


- you can donate through
OXFAM on their
official website.


- you can call the ABS-
CBN US Helpline at 1-800-5272820 to know how you can help

- HAWAII - Consul Paul Raymund C. Cortes will be on hand to assist in providing necessary info. Contact (808) 595 6316 – to 19,
extn, 237. More details on
this official website.

- LOS ANGELES - Manila Forwarder Headquarters 4249 Eagle Rock Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90065, or you may also contact
Kuu Hilo at (818)395-9207.

- NEW JERSEY - NJ drop off at two places!
Sinugba Cafe at 561 Westside Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07304 or Casa Victoria at 691 Newark Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306-2803. Contact persons are Yves Nibungco at (201)621-3156, or Nick Cordero at (917)476-7855

- NEW YORK - NYC Disaster Relief drop off center @
Pandayan Center 406 W40th St. Between 9th and 10th Aves. NY, NY 10018 or 212.564.6057.

- SAN FRANCISCO - 5750 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94112 For details call 510-750-3036, 209-3499576, 415-239-9576, and also, MANILA BOX USA is now accepting donations and will provide FREE shipping to Manila. 361 Beach Road
Burlingame , CA 94010 or call (650)342-2858.


- you can donate through the
paypal account link on
this site.

- the
official website of the PHILIPPINE RED CROSS has a complete listing of how you can donate to them.

- the
ayala foundation is also accepting your donations through
their website.

- you can donate through the
kapuso foundation site.

- you can use your credit card to donate via the
the abs-cbn foundation.

- donate rice through the
UN's World Food Programme through their
official website.


NEED TO SEND YOUR DONATIONS? Mail & More, FedEx & Air21 outlets are now accepting donations. For locations please call 8794789 or log to their official site.

PAL IS OFFERING FREE AIRLIFT FOR DONATIONS. for details, click on the PAL website.
[Courtesy of (infos & stuff): http://superbianca.blogspot.com/]

God bless you all!

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