Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hang Mioku: Silicon Addict

Hang Mioku had her first taste of cosmetic surgery at the age of 28 and became addicted from then on. When her doctors realized that her addiction could be a sign of psychological disorder, they immediately withdrew and refused Hang of their cosmetic services. Nevertheless, she found refuge with a new doctor who was willing to render her more silicon injects. It didnt take quite so long until the doctor started giving her silicone and syringe so she could practice by herself.

Then one day, running out of silicone supplies, Hang improvised the injection of cooking oil into her face. Her face became so bloated that she was eventually picked and mocked as 'standing fan' by kids in the neighborhood. *Cooking oil is for frying! Please!*

Now 48 y/o, lets take a look at her swollen face:

Talking about stupidity. Never let your impulses take over!

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