Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Google Cool Office

Tired of working within your cubicle while your boss is constantly roaming around to check on you? If yes (Im sure you do!), then the Google office might be the perfect working place for you.

(Pictures from Picasa)
Igloo-like meeting 'pods' to secure privacy while you chit chat with your BFF.

Fire poles so you can easily sneak out to another floor as well as for your pole dance activity. Strippers FTW!

Going for the oldschool; Google offices do have a 'physical' library. How ironic.

Relax your mind and unwind on these massage chairs while you look at Nemo at the aquarium across. Zzzzzzzz

Massage booths with professional masseurs are always on the go. No stress!

Count this office out, personal obligations is highly tolerated with these private cabins installed in each floors.

Game over? Not. Guitar Hero, Wii and Pinball are just some of the leisure activities you can find in their playgrounds.

Indulge yourself in a wide variety of foods and drinks available at their canteen for fucking free! Now thats the best part of this office.

Slide your way down gurl coz stairs are so 2000 and late!

Toilets that looked exactly like a gay bar --- filthy acts happen here!

Now this is what all the workplace should be! It doesnt matter if youre underpaid as long as the perks are okay. Right!

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