Monday, July 20, 2009

Final 'Black' Lynching


Declared as the
'last confirmed lynching of the blacks in Northern US', this historic photo featured the grotesque lynching imageries of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith after a joyous crowd of white locals. The two African-American prisoners were forcibly dragged out of the jailhouse using sledgehammers by an uncontrollable mob, beat the hell out of them, and hanged them. Sadly, the local police officers in the crowd cooperated in the execution. (Whites for sure!)

Thomas and Abram were arrested on the charges of robbery and murder of a white factory worker and rape of his girlfriend the night before August 7, 1930 ---- the day they were killed! The infamous event was immortalized by Lawrence Beitler, a studio photographer who took a shot of the moment.

Oh my God, that photo is so surreal! And WTF @ the happy faces!

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