Monday, June 8, 2009

September 11 Dollar Shocker

Hey everyone! Its my first post in my new blog and Im excited to post 'chaotic' things here since thats what Im intended to do. Not really keen on blogging but might as well give it a try and * ran out of words *......

To live up to the blog's title, here's a dollar revelation with regards to the WTC and Pentagon attacks happened in September 11. Eversince, a lot of mind blowing occurences in the usual and ordinary objects have been found to be what an indirect and obscure warnings for us all. We've got the keyboard thing where in you'll type 911 and blah blah blah and definitely a lot of others.

So here it goes (yet) again with another 911 creeper.

Requirement: $20.00

Just follow the pics if you wanna try this sh!t...

Now see what you'll get in those foldings...

If you look closely, the images on the dollar closely emulates the real life occurences in the 911 attacks.

This image is the Pentagon on fire.

The Twin Towers in distress.

And of course, the alleged culprit of all these evil is also noted on the bill.

What ya think?

Cool but not cool.

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  1. First comment: "You realize that you made the houses burn just by looking at trees in another way?"