Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chinese Lotus Feet

If the Africans have their Lip Plates, the Chineses has their own 'beauty' pursuits too.

Lotus Feet or Foot Binding is the traditional custom of feet mutilation by Chinese women in the 10th century. The practice was reverently observed by the elite and wealthiest Chinese women who could afford to lose extra manual labor from the family, emulating a tiny feet which was viewed an aesthetic appearance by wealthy Chinese men.

It is believed that a bound feet is a representation of woman's beauty and indication of a well-born and prominent woman. Only affluent men can take wives who did not need to work for the family, keeping them confined in the restraints of their husband's house and male ownership over women is reassured. The erotic attraction of men towards bound-footed woman came from the idea that a woman's walking (Lotus Gait) who has lotus feet can make the vagina tighter and narrower due.

The ideal size for a lotus feet is 3 inches and was called 'Golden Lotus'.

Effects of foot binding can leave the feet forever deformed and can cause several infections. And it was smelly too!

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